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Growing with positive energy and boundless enthusiasm

The Randhawa family has grown fresh produce for countless generations. From seedling to harvest, and produce aisle to dinner table, our positive energy, respect, and craftsmanship can be witnessed in every pepper and cucumber we pack in the Perpetual Vegetable Co. brand.

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12 or 16-count bulk box
Shrink-wrapped pack of 3

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Red, orange, yellow bulk
2 lb mixed bags
3-count mixed bags

How We Grow

Our perpetual commitment

As the world’s population continues to grow, there is greater responsibility to use our precious resources, like land and water, as productively as possible. Greenhouses offer a solution: they can yield 20 times more per acre of land with dramatically less water than outdoor farming, while managing any pests naturally. The control systems in our greenhouses allow for the conservation and recycling of water, carbon dioxide and other valuable nutrients.

The peppers and cucumbers we produce are as sustainable as they are sustaining to everyone who enjoys them. We’re committed to doing things the right way, because the food we grow for you is the same food we feed our family.

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Our Story

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Kan's Story

Our father immigrated to Canada in 1978 with little more than a dream of continuing the family tradition of farming. He started as a farm worker in BC’s Lower Mainland and, after many years of tireless work, was able to purchase five acres of his own land and began growing raspberries. Over time, he added land and diversified into greenhouse-grown seedless cucumbers and peppers.

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Life Grows On TM

Today, our entire family grows a variety of fresh produce (year-round) under the Perpetual Vegetable Co. label. Our greenhouse operation is over 100 acres, with naturally more production on the way. Kan’s three sons (Ajay, Vijay, and Amit) share our father’s passion for fresh produce and are expanding on his proud and determined legacy of greenhouse growing.

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Food is energy and, as Einstein once said, energy is never-ending. It is only transformed from one form to another. As multi-generational farmers, we feel a tremendous amount of pride and responsibility to keep the cycle of life going by continuing to grow fresh, high-quality, nutritious and sustainable food for your table.

As we’ve all experienced, there are good days and bad days. No matter the difficulties we encounter, we pick ourselves up and continue forward because Life Grows On.™

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